RS Recruitment & Training have adapted their business model to help our clients during these tough times. Check out our amazing new alternative option which will SAVE YOU TIME & MONEY:

This option comprises the following first five phases of the recruitment process:

This will be an up-front fee of 3% of the annual ctc with a minimum fee of R3 500.00 + VAT              

  1. Advertising on various job portals and social media
  2. Response handling 100’s of applications
  3. Database searches (RS Recruitment database plus various large, well known databases we subscribe to)
  4. Networking with the vast network we have built up over the years including, LinkedIn.
  5. Screening & short listing all relevant skills & experience to MATCH YOUR REQUIREMENTS (approximately 3 – 5 candidates but more if required)

We will forward the relevant info for shortlisted candidates. You, our client, will be responsible for the rest of the process up to and including final appointment.

Please email us on