The full recruitment service at a % of annual ctc of the successful appointment, payable only once the candidate starts, and includes the following: 

      1. Advertising on various job portals and social media
      2. Response handling 100’s of applications
      3. Database searches (RS Recruitment database plus various large, well known databases we subscribe to)
      4. Networking with the vast network we have built up over the years including, LinkedIn.
      5. Screening & short listing all relevant skills & experience to MATCH YOUR REQUIREMENTS (approximately 3 – 5 candidates but more if required)
      6. Interviewing each of the shortlisted candidates
      7. References & Relevant Background Checks
      8. Co-ordinating Interviews with yourselves
      9. Assistance with final selection and regretting unsuccessful candidates
      10. Our three-month Guarantee (as per our terms and conditions on our website – see link below)

The full recruitment service at a % of successful candidate’s annual cost to company, which includes the full list of the above services and your peace of mind.

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